Beer on a Beer Can Race

For the 1st time in at least 15 years I actually had some beer while racing.  It was fun to go to the Sequoia Yacht Club jump on a boat and race and then hang out at the bar and chat.  It was also the 1st time for a while that I have stayed up THAT  long  past my bedtime.  

Yesterday I met up with Nettie Kelly's Tall Ship Semester at Sea Program which was incubated at America True.  I was again overwhelmed by how well and how MUCH she is doing.  Her program o really and truly profoundly and positively impacts girl's lives.  Yesterday was the beginning of a women's weekend.  Three days on a ship where adults get to experience a very short version of what the girls do.   There are also 2 girls from Chicago who were winners of an essay contest and financed by the Chicago Yacht Club Foundation on this particular trip. Remember the Tom Neill roast - aka -  Nitemare on Monroe Street was a fundraiser for the CYC Foundation so it is amazing how it all comes full circle.
This weekend I'll be racing the Vallejo race... we are racing in "PC K" that would be "Party Circuit" Class K - Don't let the name fool you too much -  It will still be good racing 290 boats!   Dana is on an all women's team that a friend of hers calls the 'estrogen boat'.  Katie Pettibone will be meeting up with us after the race as well.... 
So overall this week of sailing and baseball etc. has been fun and diverse and well - pretty damn good!