Giants and Sailing and Catching Up

Here is a rather random - rambling update:

I am in San Francisco this week.  On Saturday the Giants honored women in sports in conjunction with 'BAWSI' (pronounced bossy).  We had a panel discussion and signed autographs and did a home plate ceremony - basically got introduced to the stadium on the big screen and go to stand on the field for the 1st pitch which Brandi Chastain threw out.  By the way - I just saw on her bio - we have the same birthday.  I just wish I also had her agility.. and to be honest her abs!    The game was fun then a little boring and then fun - so pretty much your typical baseball game :-).
There were some amazing athletes like Monica Abbott and good friends there and after we  went to the Mission for some good  food and unique people watching.. one of the tables was filled with a group who was all about satin and lace - you have to LOVE San Francisco.
Speaking of Baseball - Tom Ehman was at the St. Francis today and in his speech he used a great graphic - the 90 foot by 90 foot catamaran will completely fill the infield of a baseball diamond and the fastest person to run that distance in a game with cleats on a stable grassy platform did it in just over 3 seconds - so consider how long it will take the crew just to tack from one side to another - tacking duels are going to be CHALLENGING!
OK off to go racing in a real beer can race - haven't done that in AGES!