BMW Oracle Racing – the Emergence of Steve:

Last night I attended the Christening of USA 87. It was a full on cocktail and Moet Champagne affair. The show was pretty cool. They had 40 foot high a black curtain with a waterfall running over it hiding the boat from the audience. The MC, Gary Jobson, who is looking great, started the ceremonies by introducing a video that played on the black curtain and then the boat with their newfangled bow sprit nick named Steve poked through the curtains as if alive and smoothly continued until the whole foredeck was exposed.

A stage was wheeled up and the christening commenced.

After – MORE Moet! – It was fun to see a lot of America True people from BMW/Oracle but also from other teams. Katie Pettibone is over here for a week during Spring Break from her final year at Law School. She looked awesome and for those of you who don’t know, Katie’s boyfriend Ratty is the boat captain of USA 87 so it was a good night for him. Evidently there is some significance to USA 87 … as that was the year that Dennis brought the cup back. Also the year that Jimmy Buffett wrote the song – “We Ain’t Stealing, Were Just Taking back” ?

The evening also included a fashion show, which was VERY entertaining to see many of the guys as runway models…. And the youngest guy, Puck’s son Rock who did very well. He seemed to be concentrating on his job and totally oblivious to the model with him – which is more than I can say for much of the audience.