Christmas Eve and Morning

Here are some photos of Christmas Eve:

Mom and Charlie, Aunt Pris and Uncle Ron, Brian and Dana, Brad, Todd, Tami, Emma and Jack all came over last night.

Dandelion and Hazelnut salad followed by Beef Wellington, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach Souffle, Roasted Carrots and Parsnips and finished off with coffee and port and berries (including yellow raspberries) and clotted cream and baklava.

This morning:

I have had the leftover berries and cream for breakfast looking out at my newest friend - my penguin. 

He is cute and cuddly  - if a bit cold but he makes me smile.

This is my other Christamas present to myself a chair that I found at 'Fred's Unique Furniture' - $60 and he threw in a pair of cross country skis - promting Todd to say - 'woah that is a 'unique' furniture store' :-).  I had to recover the seat but that was fun too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and fun filled Christmas.