Election Day - PA

I'm in Erie PA.  The last two days I have been canvasing or 'door knocking' for 12 hours a day.  My feet and knuckles are sore but it has been so worth it.  I have been able to interact with almost 500 people and answer their questions from - Where is my polling station? to What is Hillary going to do about gas prices?

Yesterday there was  a brief break from walking the streets because 1st Daughter Chelsea was in town.  She was very impressive back in 1999 when she went sailing with us on America True but I have to say she was even more impressive in Erie.  She spoke for about 45 minutes and took questions and answers from the very large crowd and shook hands after.  She was funny, smart and personable and a great spokesperson for her mom.
It is now 7am, Tuesday April 22 and I have time for a quick workout and breakfast before I am back to Hillary HQ where I will be a 'utility person' doing whatever is necessary.