Nitemare on Monroe Street - A BLAST

I can't begin to describe how awesome Friday Night was.  We drove to Chicago and arrived just in time to shower and change to get to the Chicago yacht Club for a night of fundraising and celebrating Tom Neill - owner of Nitemare and leader of a crazy band of sailors and friends.

The 'roast' was organized by a few of the people who have known Tom 'forever'.  Because of the way Tom is - EVERYONE wanted to help and EVERYONE wanted to talk and if there wasn't a bar to get to and babysitters to go home to the evening and the stories would also have gone on forever.  
A couple of highlights:
"Tom - how is it possible that you can spend 632 dollars at DOLLAR beer night one day and the next day go ballistic because I spent $14.97 on electrical tape?"  Past boat captain
Tom convinced that same boat captain to buy the dinghy and the engine for a tender for him to get out to the mooring and  Tom agreed to pay for the gas!  "What  a deal!"
LOTs of other stories - including the salad bar pool cruise - I can't wait for the movie to come out!
Bottom line - Tom has entertained and collected and supported and made his presence felt in MANY people's lives - often in a unique way  - and we laughed so hard the baloney sandwiches almost came out of our noses!