First Timer at the Billie's

The Billie's Award Ceremony held at the Beverly Wilshire Tuesday Night was a huge success.  We raised $1.3 million to go to creating "Equal Play" for women and girls in sports.   It was my 1st time at the event that I helped create 4 years ago.  Amazingly Elton John was back again and it is impossible to describe how powerful it is to hear him in an intimate setting like this.
My particular table was very HIGH energy - I don't think it was a first for any of them.

And yes - the shot that Mom always makes me take so she can see what I was wearing.  YES - I go to a lot of dress up events by myself :-( 
 The good news is that I have finally learned how to do my own hair and make up. :-)
Hair and makeup can be intimidating for athletes so the Foundation has a 'beauty suite' with professional artists. I stopped by and it was great catching up with the other athletes.  A couple of the younger extreme athletes had bruises and scars so they were going to wear nylons for the 1st time in their lives.  It was hilarious to listen to all of the advice they were given.  I have to say Michele Kwan was the most adept at this :-)
In keeping with somewhat useless information... I was wide awake the next morning had a great work out at the hotel gym and then ordered the 'fitness breakfast' complete with carrott juice and ate it on the pool deck which my room opened up onto.

Sometimes I think this blog is just like 'foofy' postcards but to bring it back to something meaningful.  It was so good to catch up with Billie and Ilana and Maddy and Tuti and Kelly etc. etc. and to meet the new CEO Karen and see how the Foundation is continuing to move foward.  It  has been going for 35 years and with strong leadership I hope that it can continue through  necissary transitions so that everyone gets equal play and pay and our world is a healtier and happier place.    Lots of work ahead but it will be worth it!