Even with flight delays...

My life doesn't suck :-).  I am back in Detroit today.  I had what was supposed to be a quick trip to the Bitter End to do a speech for the Young President's Organization (YPO).  I had a nice wake up call and left home at 4:15am to arrive at the Bitter End for a beautiful sunset and dinner with the YPO group.

The refurbished rooms are excellent.
Thursday morning was the speech which I think went pretty well and then I was drafted to blow the starting horn for the YPO fleet's race to their next island.  It was a good thing I played tuba in high school because the same breath control and embouchure (shape of mouth) are required to blow a conch shell horn.  If I get the photo I'll post it :-)

That night I was on Lambert's beach on the windward side of Tortola so I could catch another early flight back to Michigan. 

 All went well until I got to DC... and the flight was canceled!  The fact that my cousin Molly lives in Alexandria made it all OK as I convinced the airlines to pay for the taxis instead of a hotel and we hit Old Town's night life.  Good thing I am used to living out of a duffel bag!  
Off to LA tomorrow for the Billie's.  You can see more about it at http://www.womenssportsfoundation.org and if anyone wants to buy a last minute ticket just let me know!