Emma has a Brother

Emma has a Brother! Jack Charles Riley - 30 minutes old.

Emma, My niece has a brother – Of course my brother Todd and his wife Tami had something to do with it too. I have been kept up to date with phone calls but as far as I can tell this is the story of her acceptance of him:

About 3 months ago, Emma found out that boys and girls are different when she saw that her cousin Jacob was different. Grandma explained that God makes boys and girls different and that it is OK. She considered this and then asked “Did God break mine off?”

Emma became very excited to have a new sister Allison and was very vocal that she did NOT want a brother.

She was asked what if Mommy and Daddy bring home a brother. Her reply – “Then they can take him back!” Maybe she is a little too familiar with the return policy at the mall.

For Christmas Grandma bought a book named ‘Oh Brother!’ about two sisters who didn’t want but got a brother anyway and ended up liking him.

After that she was reminded that it is possible that mommy and daddy would bring home a brother. She responded – “Then I’m moving OUT!”

Well – Tami ended up giving birth to a 10lb 9oz boy on December 26th.

When Charlie said – well Emma you do have a brother! Emma looked up at him and said
”WELL you got your way didn’t you!”

FINALLY – she has said that Jack is cute "so you don’t have to put him back". She is now very happy with her little brother.