Touring Madrid

On the 26th we loaded up the dogs and Steve and I headed to Madrid. We found a great hotel the Hotel Infantas in the Chueca Area. There was a Starbucks directly across the street but that was just the beginning. The area is a cool funky amazingly ALIVE area of Madrid. We met up with my cousin Rachel and had tapas with her. It was fun to see her again and find out that she and Pepe will be married in November. I warned her that Mom and Aunt Pris were on thier way over in the next few months so she should be prepared for more family socializing.

The next day Katie took the train up and we went to Del Prado and walked and walked and walked around town.

We managed to find the restaurant that Jensi told us to go to - LUIS CANDELAS - He was a 'famous' criminal who used to hang out in the caves and tunnels which are now a restaurant. It was really good and evidently the Sangria was even better for this group of purple wigged women who were celebrating! Katie is just getting her picture taken with them but in about 30 years she may join :-)