I bought a house Today!

I have to write it because I can barely believe it myself. Below is a LOT of information. It was written by the home owner who obviously put a lot of time and effort into the house. I have added the pictures.

The property was purchased in 1998. The dwelling evolved from a 1920’s baitshop to a two-story, two-bedroom home that was build on concrete block foundation/ crawl space on the canal side. A one-story living room was added street side, build on post and piers. In 1999 the home was removed; the foundation underwent major enhancements and extensions suitable to the site. At the same time, the seawall was further secured with additional tiebacks and a slab of concrete was poured into crawl as a final stabilizer of the sea wall. Bottom line: a dwelling has sat on the footprint of the new home since the 20’s and is time proven. At the same time all construction is in compliance (or better) with 2000 BOCA standards.

Architecture: The new home was inspired by the Northport Lighthouse at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula in northwest Michigan. It was designed by an architect to maximize views and create ease of indoor/outdoor movement. Materials were selected on the basis of ease of maintenance, durability (long lastingness), functionality and aesthetics. Special attention was given to maximization of use of space. For example, even the center hall is a gathering space when entertaining guests. An upstairs hall serves the laundry area.

Living/dining Area: The area serves multiple furniture arrangements and is cable-ready in all four corners. There is primed drywall behind the bead-board ceilings. Ceiling lights are on simmers; the fans are multi-speed. There is a remote control for the dining chandelier, a $500 antique. The flooring is Douglas fir. The fireplace is direct vent with adjustable flame. The gas turn off is on the floor next to the fireplace. Instructions are on site to light the pilot, which is turned off for the summer season. Note the custom window moldings in this room and throughout the house.

Kitchen: This room was designed to maximize ease of food preparation while minimizing the look of a utilitarian space given its openness. Few cooks enjoy better views and the feeling of not being apart from family and guest while performing kitchen chores. The disposal and dishwasher were selected for their quietness. The refrigerator was placed catty-=corner so as not to give the ‘big box look from the living area. To reduce the kitcheny look, a free standing storage and cournter top unit was selected for a focal point. Its utility is extremely high, but is totally removable to suit new owners. There are multiple dedicated electrical outlets in this kitchen; no need to be inconvenienced with resetting circuit breakers. By the way, the electrical panel is very handily placed in the kitchen to the right of the front window behind a wooden door.

Main Floor Bath: This is the bath of choice for guests and, perhaps, the man of the house. The shower has served a six-foot-five homeowner and is very easy to keep clean. The ceramic floor tile is set in concrete. The bead board is real.

Main Floor Closets: In the front entry the closet is dedicated to the furnace and hot water heater. There is continuous hot water. The entire unit is under a good maintenance plan. Filters are changed monthly or thereabout. The pantry location is very handy for unloading groceries and finding what is needed. Spices are away from warm oven/stove and readily accessible. The coat closet has ample storage space beyond and around the corner. Light switches to light the closet and the crawl space are on the left side wall.

Crawl Space: The entry to crawl space was made large and conveniently located for those needing to get down there. The depth of the space is about 30:. There is a caddy to wheel around down there. It is incredibly bug-free because metal stripping was installed outdoors where concrete meets wooden floor sills. Very effective. There are heat/cooling vents down there; the air is ambient with the rest of the house resulting gin no need for outside venting. Floors are not noticeably cold as a result. The only mechanical in the crawl space is the sump pump, which empties into the canal. A new one was installed in 2005 or 6. The owner keeps a humidifier down there for the most humid times of the year… as n extra precaution. The humidity was 50 last time it was checked before setting up the device. That’s good.

Stairwell: A split stair well is more attractive and easier/more pleasant to traverse. The landing has two wall scones and an electrical outlet.

Office/Den Loft: This ample area could have been a third bedroom but was kept open for office work and craft projects space. His and Her spaces were imagined. For about $3000 a closet may be added: a wall with double doors could be installed for third- bedroom purposes. It is cable – Internet – ready and a landline phone ready too. Lots of southern sunshine makes this a wonderful place to be in the winter; in the summer, breezes and lakeviews are plentiful.

Bedrooms: The question is which one is the master! Take your pick. The eastern bedroom is larger, cable-ready with a roomy walk-in closet, nice size windows and cross ventilation. The western bedroom is a bit smaller, cable-ready , and there is a terrific screened-in balcony with electrical outlet and light. Grandkids have used it as a sleeping porch. Great views.

Laundry Area: Laundry baskets to cart are a ting of the past here. Simply place folded clothes in their final destination a few steps away. Linen closet is nearby as well.

Second Floor Bath: Again, the bead board is real; the tile is set in concrete. Colors are neutral. Tub is soaker depth with both shower and hand-held fixtures of fine quality. Timeless subway-stile tile in the tub area. Hidden toilet. Room for a piece of furniture. Fine pedestal sink. Multiple task lighting. Two windows!

The house is across from the St. Clair Shores Municiple Marina, pool, park, library and city offices, police station, cafe and gift shop. The canal is dredged yearly.

There is also a community beach and bonfire area at the end of the street.