Quick update from France

You may have wondered what has happened since my last post. In summary – we all returned to Spain and got the dogs out of the kennel (jail) and have pretty much wrapped things up in Valencia. We will have a dinner on Wednesday with all of the people that are still around and then I fly out on Thursday.

The last week I spent in Aix en Provence in an intensive French Language school. It is amazing how much more comfortable I am at speaking French – I am still a beginner for sure but I can manage to get my point across and spend a weekend chatting socially without a problem. I WILL study more and try to go back next spring when they open again. I can’t download pictures at the moment so I’ll save more detail for when I also have the pictures.

Next week Steve and I will be doing a Tacoma, San Francisco, Detroit drive collecting furniture and artwork along the way. We should be ‘ensconced in the house BEFORE the first snow fall ? Seriously we will be moving in on Sept. 17. Anyone who wants to help unpack boxes is MORE than welcome!

Finally I will now be volunteering as full time as possible for Hillary Clinton so I will have ways for you to contribute up on the site in the next week. Stay tuned.