On The Road and Koda is Hungry!

We are on the road and on schedule. We had two really nice nights in Tacoma with Steve's family and then yesterday at 5am we were up and out of there. Our "Rig" is a 26 foot Penske towing a flat bed trailer with Steve's truck on it. VERY big and SLOW up the hills - 35 miles an hour tops but we can get almost to 70 on the flats.

On the ride yesterday we got a call from the kennel. At feeding time, Koda who is on a diet tried to eat Josh's food got into a fight with him. Josh came out the looser as Koda bit both of his ears. Dana commented that is SOME diet to make him want to eat Josh's ear! :-) All is fine but they will feed them seperately now.

So we are in San Francisco and we have loaded most of my stuff out of the container and into the truck. Don't worry I left the formal gear so all of you who borrow my dresses - this is still an option! We will be on the road here in a few mintues and hoping to make it most of the way across Nevada.

FYI New Address:
22489 Milner
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

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