New York City is Alive

I am so lucky.  Less than 2 weeks ago I was in New Zealand, then San Francisco and home in Detroit and now I am in New York City.  I am here for some meetings and for the Rolex Yachtsperson Luncheon tomorrow.  This afternoon it was 60 degrees when we landed with that milky sunshine that you always see in Paris.    It is a small reprieve from winter but I think it added to the energy in the city. I met with some sailing friends to discuss some future plans for our sport and then had about an hour free so  I wandered my way back to the private club I am staying at - thanks to those friends.  Around the corner, 5th Avenue was busy with shoppers at Zara and the Gap.  Did you know that in Spain Zara is kind of like their version of the Gap?  I wandered by the St. Regis where I had stayed a LONG time ago when I was on David Letterman.  I stopped into a bar. I didn’t know the name at the time but it looked cool and there were cute guys at the bar and the décor was all blue and green and back lighted.  So when I figured out it was called Shoreham it all made sense.  Unfortunately the cutest guy was married and a bit young but it was fun to absorb the scene.

I walked out and took a wrong turn and ended up further away than when I started.  As everyone knows I am not so good with directions on land but that just added to the fun.  Time to get ready for dinner and see where my next wandering will take me.  Again I am so lucky.