One more project

I decided to buy the house next to me with the knowledge that it needed a LOT of renovation but with a hope that it would not become a teardown.

Photo of my house on the right and my project on the left.

It looked cute enough and I had hope until I enlisted the help of my Mom and Charlie and Aunt Pris to help me dig behind the walls and foundation.  Short story – it is a tear down.

Photos of the ceiling beams – cut too short and balanced on a inch or so.

Not enough wood for a beam – just glue more on the sides!

What a shame that the owner before had done everything with ‘duct tape and popsicle sticks’ I honestly wonder if he went around collecting scrap from construction sites.  He put a lot of effort into it but the sum total is not good.

So my project for the last week was to do ‘pre demo demo’. 

I am almost done removing everything that might be able to be used again and I will try to pull the rest out that can be recycled.

Hopefully by the middle of the summer I’ll have a new 3 bedroom house finished and renters in place.  I know it is a tight time frame and a challenge but that has never stopped me before ?