Speaker’s Series

In the last couple of weeks I have spoken at two clubs, one on each coast.  The Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego was a good group and we had some laughs.  It was bookended by bonus experiences.  There was a group of kids that showed up early for a special presentation before the adults presentation.

These kids were funny and engaged and I saw sparks of greatness as we discussed everything from sailing to the University of Texas to sharp elbows and persistence needed to get on a boat or ahead in life.

The bonus at the end was that Gloria Borrego, Diana Klybert and Sarah Cavanaugh from America 3, the Women’s Team in 1995 showed up for the presentation.

And after, my host and 1992 A3 trainer, Diane Wall took us out to Cass Street Bar and Grill for a fun, if too short, catch up.

Beverly Yacht Club in Marion MA hosted me last weekend for a US SAILING presentation.

I was very excited to go back to Marion as is where the boat that we grew up on was built. Burr Bros. built our  36’ Fred Ford Designed, Great Lakes Cutter, Firefly.  The little town of Marion is breathtakingly quaint and everyone was as friendly as I remembered from the last time we were there – when I was 13.

These speeches are fun and I actually have to be careful and slow down when I speak because there is so much to discuss and so many stories to relive I get all excited. I think that audience likes it as well as we always end up continuing the stories - after-hours.