The End is Near!

Unfortunately our fleet racing results have everyone looking forward to a quick end to this part of the Act. Yesterday a poor first race that finished with a huge squall of 30knots forced us to change our mainsail in between races. We had multiple small problems that led up to us not being eligible to start the second race because we were still under tow with extra people on the boat and the main not all the way up. To add insult to injury. Just as it was becoming efficient that it was over for us for this race the top of the main broke and Doogie, our bowman 'fluffier'* for the day had his arm smashed by the ricochet of the mast. He was taken to the hospital as the boat cam in and the only good news is that his arm is not broken just bruised and swollen.

Then today we had two races that were very shifty and light and choppy with huge holes and we ended up in most of the holes. The team is tired. Don't know how but some way I need to pull them up for tomorrow's last race. We can still save face even if we can't really improve our results very much.

*Note: Fluffer on our team is a person who comes on the boat on the way out and in between races to give someone a break. We rotate crew every day so we have 'fluffers' for most positions. For the rest of you who think it means something else.. Get you mind out of the gutter :-)