Checking-in in Valencia

I have been in Valencia meeting with a bunch of different groups this week. One stop was down in the Darsena where I checked in on the slow progress of our base. The bases this time around are monstrous buildings as opposed to a few portable offices and a boat shed that we are used to. I think hindsight is going to show that we didn't need to go this big and elaborate. BUT - it is Alinghi's show this time around so we are following their lead. Here is a picture of the side of their base complete with roof top terrace and full size model boat in the water. It has some kind of a keel or water ballast system that simulates the rocking of the boat going over the waves. I assume that they will let the public on at some point in the future and from watching it for a few minutes. They will need to get their sea legs. or they will get wet. :-)