Women's Sports Annual Gala

Monday Night the glamour of 100 top athletes decended on the Waldorf once again and once again we were blown away by the power of the night. Steve was here this year and becuse my official duties were coming to an end we were able to enjoy the evening together!

The evening also had stellar appearances by LL Cool J and Penny Marshal. Both had great words to pass along and I can say LL was expecially impressive. He talked about how powerful the women were on this evening and mentioned the fact that his industry doesn't portray women as well as it should and that he really wants his daughter know how special she can be. Overall - he 'got it'. Penny Marshall was also the eitome of herself which was very very cool. My friend Paul Cuneo had to wrestle with her to be able to win one of hte silent auction items :-)

As well as Paul, Katie Pettibone, Suzy Leech, Nichole Appleton, Jane Macky also attended the event. It was nice to have new faces enjoying the evening as well as old friends.

Finally wrapping up the experience - Steve and I did make it to the boathouse in Central Park on Saturday for a wonderful few hours of chatting and snacking and drinking. Overall a great great weekend!